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Booking Made Easy!

Trying to book a makeup artist these days can be so intimidating. This is why I took some of the guess work out of booking by adding it to my website. That way, all you have to do is click, type and hit send to book.

Once you click on the booking tab you’ll have two choices. You can either book a traditional makeup application or schedule for a wedding. Either way, you’ll be asked to pick a date and fill out a form that will generate an email directly to me. This email will basically inform me of the date and time you would like to schedule your appointment. Once I receive this email I will double check the date and time you submitted with my calendar and if everything is clear you’ll get an invoice sent to your email. This invoice will describe the services you requested in detail and your required deposit amount. Once you’ve paid your deposit amount, your appointment is secured. Meaning that if someone else asks for the same date and time as you, it will not be available to them. However, you only have 24 hrs from the time your invoice has been sent to you to pay your deposit before it is closed out and that date and time will become available to my other clients.

What if the date you need to book doesn’t show as available on my calendar? In this instance you’ll need to go to my CONTACT tab and send an inquiry for that date. This will again generate an email to me with all the information you input into the form. From there the steps are pretty much the same.

I really hope that this post helped you to further understand the process for booking with me and look forward to working with you soon.


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